Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week of March 25

Welcome Back!!  We hope you all had a nice week, whether at home or somewhere else.  We have certainly missed you all and are so excited to get back into the swing of things this week!

What we are up to this week:

Theme:  Dr. Seuss
Social Studies: Europe
Science: Pets
Literacy:  Letters C
Math: Geometry

Arts and Crafts:  Shape pictures, Binoculars, stringing pasta
Reading:  Rhyming, Letter G
Math:  Shapes and Patterns
Spanish: Transportation words
Writing:  My Favorite Pet, Shared writing
Dramatic Play:  Vets
Block Play: Building a City
Computer: Letter G book
Housekeeping:  Shapes in cooking
Movement:  Using ramps for cars
Sensory: Playdoh

Going to the Zoo
Fish Song

The Shape of Things
Dr. Seuss Books

Next week we are going to be doing some fun things with recyclables.  We will do this a couple of times over the next few months, so we will be needing some things from you.  Boxes, paper towel rolls, plastic containers, plastic lids, etc.  basically anything that can go into the recycling bin except glass and cans.  We are going to be playing with these and creating things with these.  It is truly a lot of fun!

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