Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Fun

June is here, and with it, the heat and fun of summer.  We are doing a lot of great things this month, and throwing in a lot of fun, outdoor exploration for our students.  It is so important to allow them to have this freedom during these months!

Here is what we are learning:
Theme: Summer
Literacy: review
Math: Review
Science: Insects
Social Studies: Rainforests and South America

So far this month we have watched ladybugs go through their metamorphosis.  Now, we are anxiously awaiting our butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis.  The students are loving this live view into the world of insects!  We are also planning some ant farms as soon as our ants get here.

The students have had a lot of fun playing outside in our sand and water tables, and searching for the bugs in nature.  They are learning a lot from this valuable exploration!

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