Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week of November 26-30

We hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, and relaxing Thanksgiving break!  I cannot believe December is almost here.  Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather!!

Here is what we are up to this week:
Theme: Thanksgiving
Social Studies: Native Americans
Science: Forest Animals
Literacy:  Letter B
Math: Counting to 30, simple addition, # recognition

Arts and Crafts: Bears
Dramatic Play: Babies
Blocks: Building
Science: Forest Animals
Outdoor: Bubbles and Balls
Reading: B sounds
Math: Independent Work
Table Toys; Buttons
Spanish: Clothing Words
Music: Holiday Songs
Sensory: Bubbles and sand

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week of November 12

Theme: Thanksgiving
Science:  Forest
Social Studies: Thanksgiving/ Pilgrims/Native Americans
Literacy: Nn
Math:  County to 10
Music: 10 deditos, Thanksgiving Songs

Art: Turkeys
Writing:  Tracing and Writing names,  Letter N
Blocks: Building Homes
Math: Counting and matching
Literacy:  Letter Sounds and Recognition
Dramatic Play:  Making Dinner
Manipulatives: Lacing
Science:  Farm animals and Food, Brown
Nutrition:  Thanksgiving Foods

We are going to have a lot of fun the next 2 weeks getting ready for Thanksgiving.  There are a lot of fun crafts we get to do for this holiday!

* please have appropriate clothing each day for your child.  We do go outside when the temp is above 20 (Feels like temp).
*  There is NO SCHOOL the Thursday/Friday during Thanksgiving week
*  If you are going to be gone from school for a break, you must let me know at least 1 week in advance in order to not be charged for those days.

Have a great week!