Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last week of May

We are entering our very last week of May...and with it, the end of the "school year." Since we are year round, we will not really have a stopping point, but we will keep right on going!! However, since this is the last week of the "school year" for the rest of the school, we will be having a lot of fun!! This week we will be making butterflies and flowers, doing a lot of exploring outside, and continuing our review of our letters and numbers. If the weather is nice, we will officially "open" our new water table, and let the students have a lot of fun exploring with water. Here is what we will be up to this week: Theme: Outdoor FUN! Letters: Alphabet Review Numbers: Review Science: Sand and Water Show and Tell: FREE CHOICE Our centers: Art: Butterflies and flowers Science: Playing in the sand and water Literacy: Reviewing abc's Math: Individual work, sorting and classifying Social Studies: What doesn't belong Motor: Cutting and gluing, creating our own art For those that will be leaving us for the summer, thanks for a great year, and we hope that you have a wonderful summer. We will be so excited to see you again in the fall. For those that are continuing through the summer, we have so much fun planned! REMINDER: NO SCHOOL MONDAY, MAY 28th. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 21-25

Our "school year" is slowly coming to an end. We have 2 weeks left, and then our "summer session" will start! Not much really changes, but we still mark the change with some fun activities! A few dates to remember: May 28th- NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day May 30th -6pm, preschool program and Pre K graduation May 31st - Art in the Park These are all FUN events!! Hope to see you all at them. This week, we leave the zoo and head to the land of the dinosaurs!! Weekly Theme: Dinosaurs Letter of the Week: Review U and E Math Concept: Same/Different, individual instruction Shape: Octagon Colors: Black and white Science: Spanish: La Granja (The Farm) Our play centers for the week are: Drama: Dino World Science: Math: Same/Different, Individual work Motor Skills: cutting and coloring Technology: Starfall, Millies Math House Show and Tell Theme: Dinosaurs!

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 14-18

This week our preschool is officially turning into a zoo!  We will be studying all about zoo animals and doing a bunch of fun, silly zoo activities.  We'll also be studying the letter "E".  Here's what else we've got planned:

Weekly Theme:  Zoo
Letter of the Week:  Ee
Math Concept:  Sorting and counting
Shape:  Octagon
Colors:  Black and white
Science:  Making butter
Spanish:  La Granja (The Farm)

Our play centers for the week are:
Drama:  Make your own zoo!
Science:  Animal homes
Math:  Sorting, "Feed the Monkey"
Motor Skills:  Writing "E", cutting, coloring
Technology:  Starfall, "E" book online

Show and Tell Theme:  My favorite zoo animal